Tea or Coffee with your Fiestaware?

img_7225On a recent trip to my sister’s home, she was making room to add Turquoise to her collection of Paprika and Marigold Fiestaware.  We enjoyed spending time together, talking, and organizing her kitchen cupboards to create space for the new dishes.  We realized she had mugs and cups in several different locations in the kitchen.  Some near her Keurig, some with her dishes, and others in random places.  She also had a galvanized three tier server hanging around in her garage that needed to be put to good use, so we decided to put together a little tea and coffee bar.  My sister and I are both die hard hot tea drinkers, Twinings English Breakfast Tea only.  None of those fruity or minty or flowery teas for us!  And we add sugar and milk (or cream or half & half) to our tea.  So, we reserved the entire top tier of the server for tea K-cups, and since she has lots of visitors who drink coffee, we placed a bowl in the middle tier for coffees.  Yes, there are salt and pepper shakers included.  No reason in particular except that they just look cute in that little space, don’t you think?  The tea and coffee bar turned out really nice, and I love the Turquoise, Marigold, and Paprika color palate.   The bonus is that we had excellent sister time together.

Paprika, Marigold, and Turqoise Fiestaware tea and coffee server.

Her daughter has a very cute coffee and tea bar too!  She’s not a coffee or tea drinker herself, but her husband and older girls are.  And notice that she has lots of Twinings English Breakfast Tea ready for her mom (or favorite aunt) to make a visit!    I like how the colored slats on the cupboard mirror the colorful Fiestaware cups and mugs.

My niece’s coffee and tea “cafe.”

This my tea and coffee bar. It happens to be very colorful in these last few weeks of summer.  I have quite a collection of Fiesta Java Mugs, and I use them to change my tea and coffee bar from season to season.  This way it serves a useful function while displaying my Fiesta Java Mug collection and decorating my kitchen for the season.

My tea and coffee bar with colorful Fiesta Java Mugs.

Noticeably absent from my tea and coffeeimg_7242 area is a Keurig.  My home was equipped with this great “near boiling” water dispenser long before the one cup coffee maker craze.  It comes in quite handy, not only for tea, but for instant oatmeal, bullion, and even cleaning baked on foods.  Using a pour over brewing cone, my daughter uses the dispenser to make coffee from time to time.  It’s much faster than the coffee maker.

I’ve had my tea and coffee bar station for a number of seasons and holidays now, and I am looking forward to filling it with the colors and images of fall and Halloween during the next few months.






5 thoughts on “Tea or Coffee with your Fiestaware?

  1. I love this idea! I’ve been wanting to make a small coffee/tea station at my house here lately and would love to decorate with my fiesta ware! I still only have the lemongrass color, but I think the green goes with everything! (ha ha!)


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