Boomerangs and Imposters

img_7280.jpgBefore our weekends become overwhelmed with football games, ballet, and other activities, we decided to take a little day trip to Claremore, Oklahoma for lunch and and a few antique shops.  We found ourselves at a fun little 50s themed restaurant called Boomerang Diner which has locations in small towns throughout Oklahoma.  The menu consisted of a variety of burgers, sandwiches, all day breakfast, and milkshakes.  My husband and I both had delicious burgers, and the teens had chicken finger baskets which came with fried bread puffs! Fried bread, more commonly known as fry bread, is a Native American bread often served in Oklahoma topped with taco ingredients.  It is also eaten plain or drizzled with honey.  Boomerang is a definite go-to the next time we are traveling through rural Oklahoma!

After lunch we browsed around a number of antique shops located on Will Rogers Boulevard.  My favorite store was Hudson Metcalf Antique Mall where I picked up a couple of Fiesta Cereal Bowls in Tangerine and Shamrock.  I have recently been thinking

Fiesta antique shop finds.

that I needed some Fiesta measuring cups to include in my daughter’s baking photos, and I happened upon a set just a few doors down.

The best find of the day, however, was a reversible apron in a retro style made from vintage fabric. Some of the images on the first side might even pass for Fiestaware!

The bonus is that there is a pocket on either side, so I can have my cell phone and reading glasses handy.  I love to wear aprons in the kitchen.  It’s a habit I picked up from my mom, and quite frankly, I’m really messy when I cook (or do dishes)!

No trip to Claremore, Oklahoma is complete without a visit to the Hammett House Restaurant.  It’s well known for delicious home cooking, but more importantly, it is famous for it’s pies!   We stopped in for dessert on our way home, and I was beside myself when I saw that the mountainous slices of cream pie were being served on…

IMPOSTERS!!!!  I guess they didn’t get the memo about my passion for the real thing!  In spite of the dish let down, the pies were divine.  A perfect ending to our time spent together in small town Oklahoma.


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